99-2010 Pontiac Tuning
1999-2010 Pontiac's (All Models!)
Custom Tuning
Do you want more MPG PLUS more HP?

Did you remove your cats from your car and want the check engine light off?

Do you have Water Methanol, Nitrous, Supercharger or Turbo installed on
your car and want the most HP out of your application?

We have your solution!

SCT Custom Tuning:

We can produce a customized tune for your car based on 30 questions
about your car. Our highly trained tuner will tweak it to give you one bad
tune! We can make tunes for stock, highly modified, nitrous, water
methanol, supercharger, turbo cars or anything in between. With this
custom tune your car will see a horsepower increase of 2-5 MPG & 30-90
RWHP (Depending on motor modifications).

  • Removes check engine light for no EGR
  • Removes check engine light for no cats (MIL)
  • Lowers A/F ratio to add HP and gas mileage
  • Removes speed and rpm limiters (Upon request)  
  • Changes shift point and firmness on auto's to save your transmission
  • Changes timing advancement's and fuel curve
  • Recalibrate mass air to correct injector size
  • Recalibrate speedometer due to larger tires or different gear ratio
  • Engine swaps
  • Higher or lower compression ratio's
  • Transmission swaps (auto to manual or manual to auto)
  • And Much More!
SCT Pre Tuned X4 Programmer (Holds 3 Tunes)
Custom Tunes at time of Purchase
Add Tunes Later On
Already Own a SCT Programmer
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