03-07 6.0L DIESEL
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The Cool Air Dam Intake System fits 2003-2005 ford
Excursion and 2003-2007 F250 & F350 with 6.0L.

Computer designed and featuring SynthaFlow Technology
This intake provides your engine with maximum air flow,
resulting in more horsepower, torque and improved fuel
efficiency. By utilizing computer-aided design, AirAid offers
unmatched fit, finish and lifetime warranty.

All AIRAID Filters utilize a hand-poured urethane body that
will not crack, curl or shrink like other rubber or plastisol units and is washable,
reusable. Easy 30 Minute installation makes this kit a must for your 2003-2005 ford
Excursion and 2003-2007 F250 & F350 with 6.0L.

Vehicles Covered:
2003-2005 FORD EXCURSION 6.0L
2003-2007 FORD F-250, F-350 SUPER DUTY 6.0L
Part Number
Oiled Filter
Non Oiled Filter
The Poweraid TBS concept was developed to enhance
midrange power, torque, and fuel efficiency. The unique
dyno-proven "Helix Bore" of the Poweraid throttle body
spacers causes a spinning action of the incoming air-charge
as it passes through the throttle body. This extremely
beneficial air-charge carries all the way into the combustion
chamber, producing a super-atomized mixture, which creates
tremendous gains in midrange power and overall efficiency. This is the key element to
the horsepower success.


FORD EXCURSION  2003-2005  V8 6.0L
FORD F-250 SUPER DUTY PICKUP  2005-2007  V8 6.0L
FORD F-350 SUPER DUTY PICKUP  2005-2007  V8 6.0L
FORD F-450 SUPER DUTY PICKUP  2005-2007  V8 6.0L
FORD F-550 SUPER DUTY PICKUP  2005-2007  V8 6.0L
Part Number
Order/Tech Line: 281-636-7142