We are a family owned and operated Mustang performance shop in
Pearland, TX. We opened our doors to provide customers with
honest, quality work. We specialize in Mustangs but have many
customers with other makes/models. Whether you are looking for
general maintenance, a full race build or something in between, we
can help you. We too are car enthusiasts and have a passion for
what we do, as you can see from the photo's we post our passion
shows in our work.

Our owner Cliff Nelson has had a love for racing since a young boy.
As a child he lived around racing, his father worked for Owen's
Racing Engines and on Tim Elkins Sprint Car Team. Everyday after
school he would help his dad out at Owen's. As a teenager he built
his first car and realized that is what he loves to do. In 2004 he
opened his own performance shop, installing parts, building motors,
and making peoples dreams come true. He has built his business on
great customer service, great deals and great work. Come by and
visit us!

Understanding Our Company Name:


What does C.U.N.D.N. stand for?

Think of it as something you read on a license plate and have to
make the letters work with the words:

C  (See)
U  (You)
N    (In)
D  (The)
N  (End)

We are a company that is there from the beginning and will be
there                                         in the end!
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